Graph view doesn't have all notes and is frozen

Steps to reproduce

  • I added a bunch of notes back into a vault, because I decided to combine two vaults that I had separated
  • I wanted to look at the graph view and I messed with some setting in the graph view, lowering all of the settingws under forces by alot
  • half of my graph was now completely gone, only a handful of notes appearing with the rest being completely vanished
  • now it appears that, once reloading, more notes are there in the graph view but no matter what setting I turn it to they are all bunched up into one little square (note: no actual notes are dissapearing from my vault, just in the graph view)

Expected result

i expected my graph view to be affected by the settings I am doing, not static at one point

Actual result

Screenshot is with my settings. As you can see I was fiddling around with them and nothing about the tiny ball changed. yes I zoomed in and out. still a tiny ball.


  • Operating system:
    Windows 10

Additional information

I do have alot of notes so maybe something about my high amount of notes crashed the graph view. I am using the latest version of obsidian. This happens with or without my plugins.

Download and reinstall obsidian.
Run in restricted mode and default theme.
Restart Obsidian. Reset the graph settings to default.
Take a screen recording of this happening.

How many notes do you have?

Uninstalling and reinstalling appears to have fixed the issue! I probably should’ve done that first instead of filling out a bug report, thank you for your help and sorry if I wasted your time!

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