Graph view doesn't display anything after suspending computer

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open graph view in Obsidian
  2. Suspend/sleep computer
  3. Wake computer up and sign in

Expected result

Nothing out of the ordinary.

Actual result

Everything disappears in the graph view. No nodes, no text, no connections, no nothing.


  • Operating system: Pop!_OS 20.10
  • Obsidian version: v0.11.13

Additional information

I’ve had other graphical issues before on Pop!_OS (and I believe Ubuntu as well) after awaking my computer from suspension, namely this still unresolved bug in SuperTuxKart. So, it may or may not be a bug with Obsidian specifically. This is more than likely to be an OS-specific bug.

I agree with you.

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Are you talking Graph View from the left menu or Open local graph from the More Options menu? I hear you, If you have the Daily Notes core plugin enabled that would explain why it does note open with where you left off.

Both the main graph view and the the local graph are affected. I’m a bit confused though why the Daily Notes plugin would mess up the graphs, though. Isn’t the only thing that plugin do is add a button to create/open a note titled with today’s date?

There is an option in the Daily notes plugin to “Open daily note on startup”, if that is toggle on, it will open your daily note instead of the graph or any note you last viewed in the previous Obsidian session. If you had closed the previous session with only one note open (the graph), upon startup, Obsidian will open the daily note instead of the graph.

No, I don’t have “Open daily note on startup” enabled. I think I could have been clearer—the graph view is still there (it wasn’t replaced by a daily note or anything), just all of the nodes are gone. The filters dialog is still there.

Head scratcher for sure. I just tried this on Win and I cannot reproduce the symptom. The earlier reference about the OS may be suspect. Sorry, am fresh out of clues.

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