Graph view does not animate all tags added to notes. The count of tags in graph view is limited

What I’m trying to do

I am taking my notes with obsidian in a vault. I am connecting them via Internal links if needed but i am also adding tags to my notes. And to some notes i am adding the same tags.
In graph view you can set in the settings to show the tags and some notes get connect via the tags although they are not connected via an internal link. I would like to use that. But as my vault grew i noticed that the number of tags shown in graph view stayed the same and some tags where not displayed at all, most of which where tags i added in the latter and some notes don’t get displayed as connected although they share tags.

Things I have tried

I searched in the help section and on bug reports for tags and graph-view related issue, but it seems that no one is using tags the way I am? And that no one ever noticed that only a limited number of tags get displayed in graph view?

I tried to delete a few of my first tags ever added to my vault entirely from every document. And it seems that some of the newer tags then get displayed in the graph view as if they were in a queue. But i want all tags to get displayed and that connections between notes get displayed . I absolutely don’t know how to fix that.

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