Graph View Concatenation Steroids

Use case or problem

The goal of the graph view is to enhance the connections and interrelatedness of one’s ideas. However, the note title can hinder the ability to extract those connections effectively.

Proposed solution

I aim to dynamically change the note’s title. By using the graph view, I can easily toggle between a more comprehensive view of the notes and a more focused view.

The goal is to introduce a customizable contract that can be toggled on and off as per the user’s requirements. This would enable the user to add richness and intricacy to their ideation experience while retaining the flexibility to switch to a simpler view whenever necessary, thus providing a better understanding of the underlying patterns and relationships between different concepts.

The aim is to provide additional details on a note in a quick and simple way on the graph view, without having to compromise on the structure of the notes nor the simplicity of the graph view. That by creating a custom contract that could be toggled on and off, rather than modifying the structure of the notes themselves by adding lengthy text to titles or other.

One could explore the possibility of defining “Note Title Concatenation Templates” or a simple hotkey to choose which text to concatenate with the title. Additionally, one could implement features to batch work on notes, allowing for even more efficient use of the feature.


Simple Normal View

Toggled On Intricate View

Redundancy In Notes Structure Without This Feature

Keeping a Desired Structure Leveraging This Feature

By utilizing this feature, one can explore a myriad of possibilities and create graph structures that are tailored to their specific needs and field of work. This could lead to a rich and diverse range of graph architectures, with each person’s unique perspective and requirements coloring the structures they create, unlocking new possibilities for creative problem-solving and innovation.

I urge you to not be constrained in your interpretation of my ideas, but rather use them as a jumping off point to more novel and inventive approaches. Let my ideas serve as a catalyst for your own creativity, allowing you to explore new avenues and possibilities beyond what I have suggested.

Thank you for taking the time to read my idea. And thank you for the opportunity letting me share my thoughts and perspectives.