Graph View - Bullets gone

After update to 1.5.8 in graph view all bullets are gone. See this screenshot. They were there before update.

Changing theme makes no difference. Tried several different themes so the problem must lie elsewhere. But where?

Also this problem persists in several different vaults.

In the Graph view they are usually called nodes.

Circles represent notes, or nodes.

What is your OS? Are you using Linux by chance?

I don’t know if the situation has changed with the recent update, but if you search the forum there are a few topics about the graph not loading properly on Linux: Search results for 'linux graph order:latest' - Obsidian Forum


I am using Linux. I definitely happened on update to 1.5.8, as it was not there the day before and there were no system updates.

Anyway, deleting the contents of


solved the problem (at least for now) and restored graph view and the nodes er back. :wink:

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