Graph view breaks 3-4 seconds into generating graph. Cache file missing. Graphs only orphan files in restricted mode

I’d love to hear any ideas about what’s going on here.

Running v1.4.16 (installer 1.4.13) on 2020 M1 Macbook Air, running Sonoma 14.1. Obsidian and all plugins are fully up to date.

Problem manifests differently in restricted mode. Only orphan files appear on the graph regardless whether filters are on or off.

Links between notes are not actually broken. They show up fine in my MOCs and work when I click them. Somehow the graph engine itself simply can’t see links?

Tried to locate and delete cache file from .obsidian folder, but no such file seems to exist?

Without following the bug report template, it’s hard for the team to reproduce or begin to have a look at the issue. Moved to help for now.

The graph settings file is {VAULT}/.obsidian/graph.json. You could try moving or renaming that and reopening Obsidian.

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