Graph View: Better Links

Graph View is cool. In fact, it was the main feature I liked when I heard of “Obsidian” a year ago. I am a mind-mapper myself, and a Database-lover.
So, while I love to work on my Notion, it lacks so hard a mind-map structure, and I’ve tried alternatives to that.
Currently I use the Brain. and being honest, its expensive, and lets say it feels a bit out-dated in style or else, but it gets the work done as a wiki-mind-mapper.

So Obsidian sounded very cool to me. but Graph-view, a year ago, was very primitive, compared to today of course. so I didnt use it as I would like.
Nowadays, though, is more robust, and overall Obsidian is adding very quickly a ton of features (and this encourages me to keep using it).

well…so the mind-map part: Currently links keep being just some lines (with maybe arrows) that cant be edited in any way.

Maybe we could make links between Nodes to have different colors, names attached to them, or icons, or maybe even notes. ??? (a nice group of features found in TheBrain)

thanks for listening
cheers, team!

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