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I am still very new to Obsidian and I tried to see if this question was already answered but I could not find anything.

I followed this guide (Zotero -> zotfile -> mdnotes -> obsidian -> dataview Workflow) on a zotero to obsidian pipeline (which worked wonderfully) but when I look at the graph it automatically adds nodes to each paper note with item type, authors, and the date, which I do not need in the graph but I also did not find a way to turn it off.

I tried the filtering option “Existing files only” which comes close to resolving it but I have my notes categorized in subfolders which then also disappear.

So my question is how to prevent Obsidian from including meta data in the notes in the graph.

Thank you!

Quick thought: If they are showing up in the graph, they are presumably [[internalLinks]]. Do you need them to be links, or could you change that in whatever template you are using?

This does sound likely. At least the format in the exported markdown looks like this.

The mdnotes template that I use to export the annotations from zotero looks like this,

aliases: [“{{yamltitle}}”]
Title: “{{yamltitle}}”




#zotero #literature-notes #reference

{{collections}}, {{tags}}



Zotero links


I do not need them to be links but I also do not know how to adjust the template to remove the links.
Thank you very much for your suggestion!

Hi bast,
Reading through the forum post you linked in your initial thread, I think looking for places where “link_style”: “wiki” is applied in the mdnotes configuration might be useful. Is "link_style": "wiki" true for any of the fields you have showing up in your graph? Perhaps you can replace with "link_style": "no-links"? I have not used mdnotes myself so I unfortunately do not have more specific advice, but hopefully this gives you a direction to experiment with!

That resolved it perfectly! Thank you very much!

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