Graph view appears partially

Steps to reproduce

  1. Run Obisidian
  2. Open graph view
  3. Split horizontally/vertically

Expected result

  1. Graph in its entirety

Actual result

  1. Doesn’t appear in a single pane
  2. Appears partially in split pane


  • Operating system: Linux(Beta)/Crostini
  • Obsidian version:v.0.12.5

Additional information

Moved to help section as we don’t officially support your platform. I suggest you try with GPU acceleration disabled.

Thank you so much! It works just fine after disabling ‘Crostini GPU support’.

  1. Open Chrome Browser
  2. Type “chrome://flags” on the search bar
  3. Search “Crostini GPU support”
  4. Change it from “Default/Enabled” to “Disabled”

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