Graph view Advanced settings

Hello !

I am searching for an option to adjust the displayed tags according to their number of connections. I imagine it with a slider added on the settings tab but I do not know if it is possible in any way. The main purpose would be to remove the orphan tags from the graph view. Here is my use of Obsidian for more context :

I have been writing a Journal everyday since two years and I’m using Obsidian to make connections in between the notes. To make it happen, I feed GPT with each note and ask it to sum up the themes and extract the names, places, all with a # ahead so hopefully some tags get connected together and create a map of my life.

The images show the results with only two months of data (so approximately 60 notes). It does work pretty well at connecting the notes with the tags, but the main problem is the high number of orphan tags that scramble the graph view…

Any help would be appreciated ! And of course, if you have better ideas than I had at treating my Journal notes, don’t hesitate to suggest them.

Thanks (: