Graph_View: Ability to Save Graph View for a Filter, and Open Folder Graph Option

I use, Folders a a-lot, alos, Folder within Folders…etc GraphByFolder
therefore requesting these features

1 Ability to Save GraphView
Like, Windows 10 Saves Folder View settings, it remembers Folder View settings we chose last time for Particular Folder…

Similarly for Obsidian, when In Graph, I filter by path, it is inconvenient to manually change them
every now and then

So, obsidian should Remember, Graph Display & Forces setting, for each Filter(especially Folder)

AND 2) Open Folder Graph Option, just below open local graph option


Thanks for the feature request. However, be careful to follow the template. One feature request per topic, and make sure you look for others who’ve requested the same thing already. For instance: