Graph the average of a series of values

Hi all,

I track my moods (1 = bad to 5 = great) four times a day in my daily note.

week: 2023-W28
mood1: 3
mood2: 2
mood3: 3
mood4: 4

This dataview query gets me the average mood for each day in the given week.

    TABLE without id
    	link(, weekday) AS Day,
    	round(average(nonnull([mood1, mood2, mood3, mood4]))) AS "Avg Mood"
    	FROM "periodic/daily"
    	WHERE contains(week, "2023-W28")

In my weekly note, I would like to show a line graph of the daily average. I have tried to get this to work using the following plugins, Tracker, Charts View and Obsidian Charts, but to no avail.

It would be amazing if anyone could point me in a logical direction.

I appreciate any help you can provide.

I recently wrote an article about this. My use-case was different, but the technique looks the same. Maybe this is what you need?

It uses DataviewJS, which gets pretty complicated, but it shouldn’t be too hard to do what you need. Do you want one line for each mood or a single line that is the calculated average of all the moods?

Here’s a small modification to the code in the article above to average that data inside the graph. You’ll have to have DataviewJS enabled and the Obsidian Charts plugin installed and enabled. You’ll also have to add your own journal path below.

const journalPath = '"path/to/your/journals"';
const chartColor = '#de425b';
const dailyNotesPlugin = app.internalPlugins.plugins['daily-notes'];
const dateFormat = dailyNotesPlugin.instance.options.format;
var labels = [];
var data = [];
var sortByName = ((a, b) => moment(a, dateFormat).format('YYYYMMDD') - moment(b, dateFormat).format('YYYYMMDD'));

var latest_journals = dv.pages(journalPath)
	.sort(j =>, 'asc', sortByName);
for (var i=0; i < latest_journals.length; i++) {
	var j = latest_journals[i];
	if (j['mood1'] !== undefined) {
		var average = (j['mood1'] + j['mood2'] + j['mood3'] + j['mood4']) / 4;

const lineChart = {
	type: 'line',
	data: {
		labels: labels,
		datasets: [{
			label: 'Avg Mood',
			data: data,
			backgroundColor: [chartColor],
			borderColor: [chartColor],
			borderWidth: 1
window.renderChart(lineChart, this.container);
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Wow! That is way beyond my level. It works great!
Now I just need to limit it to the week. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @webinspect

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OK! I worked it out.
Added a WHERE clause to

var latest_journals = dv.pages(journalPath)
    .where(w => w.week == "2023-W30")
    .sort(j =>, 'asc', sortByName);

Thanks again!

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Nice. Glad it worked and glad I could help!

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