Graph settings no longer appear when I open a graph

Things I have tried

When I open a global graph for my vault the graph settings no longer open with the graph. The cog on the right side of the graph will not open the settings. I have tried disabling and re-enabling the pluging. I closed Obsidian and opened it again. I powered down my computer and rebooted. Nothing helps the problem. Without the ability to use the settings the Graph view is of little value to me . . . but I love it! Does anyone have and similar problem? Any suggestions on getting the graph settings to open?

BTW, the graph settings open with a local graph, but not with the global graph. The last time I closed the settings of a local graph, I could not reopen them.

What Iā€™m trying to do

Are your themes and plugins up to date? Did you download and reinstall the latest installer version, at least 0.15.9. Have you tested with default theme and no CSS snippets?

Thank you. I did test with the Obsidian default theme and it worked fine. I also tested with the Blue Topaz theme, and again it worked fine. This leads me to believe there was a conflict with the LYT theme that I was using at the time of the problem. Where do I find the lastest installer download? Thank you for your helpful response!!

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Glad to hear. The latest installer is on the website. In your About settings, if your installer says 0.15.9 or higher, you should be ok already. Otherwise, just download and reinstall.

Thanks, everything looks OK in the About settings. I appreciate your help.

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