Graph Painting


Graph Painting - options to perform various operations directly from the graph view

Visual Operations

eg: Coloring

  • individual nodes with a certain color,
  • selections of multiple nodes (using box selection),
  • a node and all adjacent nodes (notes directly connected to it),
  • etc.

Functional Operations

eg: Creating connections between nodes directly from the graph.

While navigating the graph (graph exploration), when I notice two note-nodes are connected by meaning, I’d be able to drag a line from one to the other, which would open a menu with possible (customizable) operations.

For instance, choosing direct connection would add a wiki-link at the end of one or both of them, choosing indirect connection would add one or more tags at the end of both.

The overarching idea of all these options is to make the graph usable.



+1 this would be great for sorting, for highlighting multiple docs in directory, for selecting a group to label with new tags, or remove unused tags, etc.