Graph: Obsidian consistently eating 8-20% CPU at idle

Steps to reproduce

  1. Launch Obsidian
  2. Wait
  3. Watch it eat 8-20% CPU

Expected result

When in the background, I don’t expect 8-20% CPU usage

Actual result

8-20% CPU Usage


  • Operating system: macOS 10.15.5
  • Obsidian version: 0.7.3

Additional information


please let us know if you can think of anything else that can help us to reproduce this.

Is this over time, just now the use is minimal with my MacOSX 10.14.6:

Here’s mine. I launched an hour or so ago, and has eaten up all that CPU time.

Here’s my UI. It may be a rendering thing. I tried loading without the customCSS, but the CPU profile didn’t change.

Thanks. I may suggest to selectively close things to pinpoint the issue.
Start with keeping the graph closed. Then try to use only the default css.

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how many notes do you have in your vault?

Weird, so it sounds like the graph view is eating CPU while you’re not interacting with it…

Let us know if graph view is the cause; we can debug from there. Thanks!

not many, around 100 or so.

@mitzimbj what model/year is your mac?

It’s useful to figure out if you are redering using the CPU or GPU.

It’s the graph.

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It’s a 2019 15" MBP and it’s eating both CPU and GPU time.

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Graph view stops re-rendering about 1 second after nothing has changed - That includes zooming, panning and dragging nodes around.

For me at least, the CPU and GPU usage stops. If it doesn’t for you, can you open the developer tools and take a performance sample for 2 seconds.

Here’s what mine looks like: You can see at the beginning, after I dragged the graph, it renders for about 1 second, the graph on top has many yellow peaks. Then it stops the graph becomes flat at the bottom.

I have a saved performance profile I captured. It’s 45 seconds.
After starting the capture, I did the following things, with a few seconds in between:

  1. Opened the graph
  2. Move the graph to the side bar
  3. Resized the graph.
  4. Sat idle

At the end of the 45 seconds, Obsidian was constantly eating 9% of my CPU.

The file is 10MB, so I can’t share on the forums. DM me in Discord (same name) and we can figure out how to get file to you securely.

I see the same thing. About 10% cpu usage by Obisidian Helper (GPU). Th graph view is shown in one of the panes (1/4 window) but no other interaction. 5 year old MBP, running Mojave & Obsidian 0.7.3. 133 .md files. The usage goes down as soon as I switch away from the graph view. I didn’t do anything more than clicking on cmd-G. No zooming/panning either.

I have the same issue. Without any files open, CPU on a MBP 16inch (2020) with i9 processor and 16GB of ram is > 100%.

Console logs here

Anyone have this problem who doesn’t have a MPB?

We should have a fix for this in 0.7.5