Graph Live View

I would like to have a Live View in Graph. How it is implemented in TiddlyMap.
When the current note is displayed on the map in the center.
Incoming arrows - other notes that link to this note.
Outgoing arrows - notes that this note refers to.
It will be cool if the incoming and outgoing arrows are different colors.
Important point this mode should also be in Linked mode with the main layout of the note


Switch Map to Live View mode.

Additional settings can be made to increase the level of detail.
This is also implemented in TiddlyMap.
For example, level 2-displays notes that refers to this note as well as notes that refers to these refers notes



doesn’t Graph View do all this? Perhaps Graph View didn’t exist when OP made the request.

A thing that TiddlyMap does that is not available in Obsidian’s Graph View is the ability to create a new node on the graph and to draw a link(edge) from one node to another. Drawing a link requires the concept of originating a link from a note instead of from text within a note. Right now, as far as I can tell, Obsidian’s links originate from an anchor point within a note’s text.

I have zero experience with JS but am very intrigued by the (untapped) potential of Graph View.

Is code for a core plugin available on GitHub? Studying it might be a way for me to understand how graph view works and how to write code that extends it.

If not, I suppose I could turn to one of the other graphing related plugins. Any suggestions?

Local graph view is implemented, yes. I will move this to the feature archive.

The code isn’t public and there also is no API for graph view, you could take a look at juggl, though.