Graph: Hide external links

I have dozens of pages pointing to hundreds of external links. When I choose existing files only these will not show. Great. But then the missing internal pages disappear and, even if they don’t exist, some represent hubs of information.

It would be great to have the option to hide urls (external links) while still showing missing pages (internal links).


I found a workaround for this. I converted all my external links to [alt](url) markdown format and kept all the internal links as [[page]]. This way the external links no longer show up in the graph.

I hope this is considered a good practice. If not please let me know why. Thanks.

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If I understood correctly, then the way you described it, is the correct way to do it.

Therefore, it’s not a workaround, but actually the right way to format it.

Putting a URL inside brackets like this [[]] is not the way Obsidian nor markdown works with URL which is why it was read as an internal link, beacuse [[this format]] is for internal links only.

But you already found the soution, I just thought it’d be useful to write this down for anyone else who might struggle with this in the future

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