[Graduate Studies] Information Management and Studying

Hi all,

I am in my final year of study in my physical therapy program (DPT) and have really been working on creating a fluid and efficient knowledge information system. After taking terrible notes during my undergraduate studies, I have tried to be more clever by implementing other systems over the last two years such as OneNote, Notion, and others which as left me in what feels like a similar situation. For the Fast past couple of months and I have been using DEVONthink and Obsidian after coming across Zettelkasten method (based on recommendations from people who read Sönke Ahrens’s book). I have dabbled in Obsidian and really like the look, feel, and flow of the platform. I was curious to see if I could streamline the process even more by utilizing a similar system in DEVONthink and have everything in one centralized place. I am currently reading How to Take Smart Notes in DEVONthink and while I find the information very useful, I feel as if the flow of Obsidian makes it more efficient to implement than trying to take notes in DEVONthink. I also feel as if I am getting stuck in the weeds here as I am spending more time trying to figure out my system than actually getting work done (which is ultimately the goal). This makes Obsidian seem like the go-to place for my notes IMO.

Outside of my course work, I am very passionate about evidence-based practice, so I tend to read a lot of literature in my field and take continuing education courses. I feel like my system of indexing Zotero files to DEVONthink works well for the front end (though it does seem a bit more tedious when creating bibliographies as I have to incorporate Microsoft Word as well), but any advice on a better system would be welcomed. I also enjoy reading about science (history, philosophy, etc), philosophy, and other topics which I like to create notes for and hope to be able to integrate into my field in the future (for projects, creating content, etc.). I also plan to (likely) pursue a PhD in the future, so creating a solid system would also be beneficial there.

I am mainly wondering if you have any advice about utilizing an efficient and reliable system for these situations (collecting information from textbooks/lectures/articles, creating personal notes on content, integrating Anki, etc)? I know that that is a loaded question (likely variable from person to person), but any advice is very much appreciated.

Hope everyone is doing well!