Grab link to file directly from file explorer

What I’m trying to do

I would like to right-click on a file in the file explorer panel and have an internal link that I can paste in the current document.

Things I have tried

  • There’s an option to copy the Obisdian URL, but that’s not what I want
  • The tooltip implies that I can just drag the file over to the current document and link will be inserted, but that does not work? Nothing appears …

Right now, I have to open the document in the file explorer, then right-click on it to get the link, then navigate back to the first document to paste it in.

Are you on desktop or mobile? On desktop dragging a file works for me. On mobile (using the touchscreen, anyway), it looks like it will work but doesn’t insert a link.

Desktop, but turns out it was a glitch. Restarting Obsidian got this working again :grin:

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