Goto left/right Tab

I don’t even want to know whether my cursor is in the third or fifth tab. I want to use a keyboard key to switch to the tab on the right of the current tab or to the tab in the left of the current tab.

I see many variations in the settings for tab switching, but not for “go right” or “go left”. Is there a hotkey for this? Or can I create one?

BTW: Windows assigns monitor rotation to the hotkey “cmd alt right”. Can I unlock this combination for obsidian somewhere?

There are several commands to go to next tab, previous tab, last tab, tab nr #, … that all can be assigned hotkeys. Previous/Next tab by default are assigned to both Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn and Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab. These work within a single pane. To move between panes (Tab groups), there are the “Focus on tab group” commands, that also can be assigned a hotkey.

That’s true, thank you - but only partially.
On the iPad, which I mostly use for Obsidian, there are no PgUp / PgDn and the hotkeys “^Tab” and “Shift ^Tab” actually appear in the list of hotkeys, but do not work (no effect). Control attempts to assign these keys to other functions also failed. This applies to both, the virtual keyboard and an external one on the iPad. While the keys actually work on the MacBook.

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