Got my first sting of open source software today

I was not able to find a casual forum to post this in, though as this might be resolved, I figured I’d try posting in the help forum.

I’ve been using Obsidian for a few solid months now, and really like it. My personal approach is that a linear style, and in the form of organized menu(classic web style).

I started using custom folder icons from the beginnin(Florian Woelki), and it’s been very good for the most part - though today, to found all of my icons were missing.

After dbl. checking plugins, the folder(shrugs), everything seemed normal, and so I decided to uninstall and reinstall the plugin - to which, the icons now appeared in ‘add folder icon’ popup - though they would not return in my folders/notes index

And so,. while I could take 2-3 hours to rebuild my icons - this has me wondering if I should continue using plugins to avoid undue interruptions?

PS., I have many backups of Obsidian, though I don’t know how to restore my folder icons

I would argue/debate, in a casual sense, that you did not get stung by open source software but by the concept of a plugin ecosystem. What I mean by this is, the plugin could have being proprietary and the same problem happen. With the open source model there is nothing stopping you, anyone, from fixing the issue as there is access to the source code. I understand that there can be a technical barrier to doing something like this but they are skills you can learn. While if this was proprietary plugin the issues could only be fixed by the authors.

The problem I have in general with plugins is how they can break so easily. If tomorrow the people behind Obsidian release an update it could break every third party plugin and then the community has to wait for plugins to be updated. I know Obsidian is shipping with a number of plugins they create. It is hard to call these plugins as they are pre installed with the software. Yes you may need to enable them, but you can’t uninstall them. You can bet that the core plugins are tested with the newest version before a release to ensure they still work. Third party plugins may not be so lucky.

I have being bitten too many times by plugins to trust them in any software. I will still use them to bring in extra features. But if an application requires installing a number of plugins to get a basic functionality, I will not use the application and look to replace it with something else.