Got 2 Files icon on Side Panel

Hi there, I’m getting two Files icons at the side panel (Right). I tried to search all the possible plugin settings but no LUCK. How to get rid of this?


Thanks :innocent:

Try turning off Settings > Core Plugins > Files, restarting, and turning it back on again :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Not working

Hmm. Are they both actually the Files tab/list or something else?

Your workspace settings/layout are in {VAULT}/.obsidian/workspace.json. If you don’t mind redoing your window setup, with the vault closed you could move the workspace.json file out of your vault and open it again. When you open the vault again, a new .json file will be created and you can re-arrange your workspace how you want it again.

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I tried but still getting the same issue.

Maybe a community plugin is putting it there?

Try a few of these steps.

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Thanks for helping

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