Google Task management from Obsidian

I’ve tried this plugin (I’m not the creator) and it’s really fantastic.

Allows you to manipulate Google Tasks from Obsidian. It is certainly a bit cumbersome to configure but following the steps of the creator, you get it.

Why do I share it? With only one goal: Let other developers explore it and grow.

I think it has the potential to be a good bridge between Markdown’s plain text To-Do’s and Obsidian’s tasks. It’s possible that it could be complemented with other plugins like Tasks.


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@navakelvin Thanks to your recommendation, I decided to install the plugin :slight_smile:

I like that task editing is possible directly from the plugin interface. Wasn’t expecting that!

In addition, it allows for an Obsidian-centric experience for additional task management tools like, which integrate directly with Google Tasks and Calendar. No need to go to the browser!

Yuki should come on to the forum!
It’d be nice to spread the word about this tool. :white_check_mark:

CAUTION: Link above should be I apologize for the mistake!