Google Play Books highlight sync plugin

While looking for a tool to have synchronised book reader with cross-platform support, I finally landed at Google Play Books which had very simple interface and allowed adding own epubs or pdfs. I have been using it for quite sometime now.

I had tried many other apps but they never worked for me.

  • With Kindle, I had problems with adding my own files and syncing across devices.

Now, Google Play Books creates a GoogleDoc file with your highlights and comments with page number links for all your books. It looks like this:

It seems nice and could be exported in many formats right from the Docs itself:

So, I was hoping if someone could make a plugin which could fetch the highlights periodically as they are updated in markdown as literature notes.

I found a CLI interface that does convert Docs to Markdown for Google Docs.

I don’t really know how to bring up a plugin, if someone else by any chance uses Play Books and has some programming skills, please consider :slight_smile:


I was just thinking of using Play Books too, and I would love to see a plugin for it

May be this github repo Stvad/google_books_highlight_extractor
will help someone or inspire them to create something more Obsidian specific. I feel that the highlight extractor works bit better than converting the google docs to md - the resulting file is cleaner and easier to refactor more by hand.

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