Google Photos integration for Obsidian

Thanks! I hope I will be able to make sense of the CSS…

Well, it was easier than I thought, I think I was lucky… for those that want to replicate the same result: CMD + OPT +I to bring up the CSS editor, select the pointer, click on the box, search for google to bring up the class .google-photos-codeblock, and remove the check from the two lines max-height: 500px; overflow: scroll;… Now I have to understand to make this change permanent!

Make a CSS snippet under Settings > Appearance > CSS snippets, and use:

.google-photos-codeblock {
  overflow: visible;
  max-height: none;

Thanks! I was almost there…

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v1.2.0 released

New features

You can now customise the inserted Markdown text. The currently available variables are:

  • local_thumbnail_link - The path to the locally saved thumbnail image
  • google_photo_url - The URL to the original Google Photo
  • google_base_url - Advanced variable, see Photos API docs
  • google_photo_id - Advanced variable, see Photos API docs

And added a date picker to change the filtered photo date:



Thank you so much for creating this plugin! It’s really amazing and has absolutely changed my Obsidian user experience.

I was wondering if you could make it possible so that you are able to choose what resolution the image is inputted as? Prior to Obsidian, I used Milanote as a visual diary and dragged and dropped photos and images directly from Google Photos. I loved that my media uploaded at full quality and I could delete the image from Google Photos but still be able to download/have a copy of the image in Milanote.

I was hoping to have the same kind of functionality in Obsidian.

Thank you again!

Best wishes.

You can set that in the options for the plugin:

so now people can embed all of today’s photos in a daily post and voilá, a roll-your-own Day One replacement? LOL - this is a really cool plugin, thanks!

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