Google Keep Notes via Python into Logseq -> Obsidian

I use Google Keep notes.

I bring them via Python into Logseq(Web) → Obsidian Mobile thanks to Barycenter:
[Once I am more familiar with Obsidian Mobile I will experiment bringing them in directly]

I make certain all my Keep notes have a title
In Logseq config.edn I activate …
:page-name-order "file"

To make my graph “pop” at my Keep notes’ “labels/tags” in I changed line 241 & line 242
from …
f.write(url_to_md(md_text) + “\n”)
f.write("\n" + note_labels + “\n\n”)
to …
note_labels = re.sub("\s+", ", ", note_labels.strip())
f.write("tags:: " + note_labels + “\n\n”)
f.write(url_to_md(md_text) + “\n”)

[big thanks to Luhmann for Logseq “tags::”]

I paste all the generated .md files into the pages folder of my local Logseq(Web) vault.
In Obsidian Mobile I use ¨Open folder as vault" to open my Logseq folder.

Here is a simple vault graph in …
Logseq Web

Obsidian Mobile

UPDATED: to keep-it-markdown version 0.4.2

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