Google enforcing rules on side loading play store apps

I used total commander to install insider builds. They had to remove that capability as Google sent them a notice that the terms of service don’t allow an app installed from the play store to side load apps that are also available on the play store. That meant I couldn’t easily install the latest insider build. I never allow the browser to install apps as that is pretty dangerous. If Google widely enforces this, it will make the current method for distributing insider mobile builds for Android pretty annoying for most users.

I used fdroid to install ghost commander and it can install apps, but wonder how long that will be possible.


[ ] iOS
[x ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.xx
1.2.2 insider build

X-plore File Manager still has the capability at the moment …

Just tried to install 1.3.1. I had used TotalCommander and it had previously worked. When it stopped, I switched to GhostCommander downloaded from F-Droid. It just stopped working. We need another way to get insider builds. IO think the solution is to use the beta program but for an insider build check if there is an account and if not do not allow the app to execute

I haven’t had any issues yet.

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