Google Drive Integration

Google Drive integration would a much appreciated feature for Obsidian. The ability to back up notes, retrieve files, and the like would be very convenient for workflows involving Obsidian.


You can put your notes in Google Drive folder on your computer and it will be synced.
Also, you can create symbolic links to your folder which should work.

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for some reason , the google drive folders that are synced appear as empty. I cant access them from my phone… no can I see them inside the Drive web app

Sounds more like a setup issue with your Google drive environment and what phone apps you use, most can’t access Google drive.


Yes, I’m using this model too. It works well.

Is there an iOS app than can edit or view .md files when stored on google drive?


I have syncing issues with that.
There’s a lag and it requires closing and re-opening the app to syn fully between two devices.

I’ve been using Blockquote.

For some reason beyond my understanding, you need to have several markdown apps installed to be able to edit the files, though.