Google Doc -> Markdown or other solutions

Meeting Transcripts β†’ Second Brain Drams

Hi All, I have been trying to find the best solution for meeting transcripts being added into Obsidian, ideally in an automated way.

  1. All my Google Meets are auto-transcribed and stored in a google drive folder as a google doc.
  2. I can symlink my local google drive folder into my obsidian vault
  3. Investigating a solution either online or MacOS automate / pandoc / or whatever it is to easily convert google doc to Markdown. Or if there is a google doc solution?

Things I have tried

  • IFTTT or convert gdoc to markdown - Not totally successful

What I am trying to do

  • Meeting Transcribes notes into Gdocs β†’ Obsidian β†’ All my note dreams come true by connecting all the data!
  • Checking if anyone has a similar use case, working solution, or routine before I keep trudging along? Even thinking about the possibility of python, but I am at the beginning levels there…

Thank you!

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