Google calendar with daily notes


I’m new to obsidian, but still become a big fan.

After a few days the daily notes are my daily companion on all systems (Win10, Win11, Linux, Android) and there is only one thing I would like to use. Several users had the same question here in the forum.
How to sync the notes with a calendar system like the Google calendar. Especially I need the reminder function for the mobile version.

The full calendar plugin should have this functionality in the future. The workaround with todoist is not my favorite one.

I found this article Adding Events to a Google Calendar via a Link :

I think this could be maybe a little dirty hack, till the api or another solution will show up.
With a plugin that could generate a url, a popup would open and I could make some changes directly in the google tool.

Maybe the reminder plugin could offer that?
Another solution could be a system like the check list plugin. In the right pane there would be all the unchecked items from daily notes with a tag #cal and the generated link to the calendar. After clicking that link the tag would change to #cal_added. Of course that is tricky, because there is no two way syncing. If I abort the popup the tag nevertheless changed.

I’m very interested in your opinions. Maybe I had a terrible idea with no benefit :wink:

Best regards

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You can give this a try: GitHub - muness/obsidian-ics: Generate Daily Planner from one or more ical feeds

It’s the easiest I’ve found.

via Adding your google calendar agenda to your daily journal (buried in there somewhere)


I also saw this plugin, but it only works one way. I have to use the google calendar on the first place. I would prefer the other way. I edit my daily notes and snyc this with my calendar :wink:

Ah. I misread. I didn’t catch you wanted to sync in the Notes > Calendar direction.


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No need to apologize :wink:

Nevertheless thank you for your help!