Good resources for sticking to standard markdown in Obsidian

Things I have tried

I have searched the web and this forum, looking for a good resources on best practices in sticking to standard markdown in my documents. I have found some bits and pieces, but I am wondering if I am missing anything.

What I’m trying to do

What I would like to do is to keep my markdown simple, without missing out. Plug-ins that populate or manage the text in a document using standard markdown are ok, but I want to maintain maximum portability should I ever want to import my PKM elsewhere.

Are there any resources that would help me check my practices? It seems I should avoid plugins like data view and buttons which require code embedded in the document. Also blocks shouldn’t be used. Am I on the right track?

So, I found this website and want to share it for future reference for noobs like me. It has been very useful in understanding flavours of markdown.

My goal is to keep my markdown as simple as possible, but not miss any cool formatting features without missing the portability to other applications. In my use case, this means I will primarily rely on the plug-ins and features of Obsidian to manipulate the text, but I want to keep my text as lean as possible.

I index my Obsidian vault with Devonthink, so one of my first tests of this concept has been to design templates and linking that will allow me to engage the files over there as if they were native to that environment. My biggest battle was figuring out how to make links really run well over there. I cracked that yesterday. Tags don’t transfer over, but that’s ok because I am using the power of Devonthink’s AI and search capabilities to do analysis on my writings against my vault of files which it links to. I still get the benefit of Obsidian’s tools, particularly editing and graphs and of course tags, which I don’t use many of because I rely on ‘llinktags’ to seed my thinking instead.

The whole point of this exercise is that technology is always changing and I am trying to make my file portability as timeless as possible without being obsessive. Who knows when the next markdown killer app might come along? In an ideal world I might even be able to continue to use both Devonthink and Obsidian alongside it with their amazing capabilities, or maybe I will just make a move. Markdown has moved so quickly I don’t rule out anything!

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Correction, I figured out how to bring my tags over to DevonThink. With this development, there’s not much in lacking in operability between the two platforms. Markdown is awesome!

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