Good hands on examples of dataview

Things I have tried

I am looking for ways to utilize Datavault and have read parts of the manual.

It is, however, very hard for me to digest things like that. Regex is a language I don’t really wrap my head around and it’s getting worse with DataviewJS.

What I’m trying to do

I would love to be pointed to ne or many places that hold example queries and the like. It is much easier for me to tinker with something concrete that trying to figure out for weeks how to set up something myself.

I am not a programmer and will never become one, I am afraid.

When it comes to topics, I am at the moment focused on task management.


I just started learning Dataview and found the Obsidian Example Vault for Dataview Queries to be very helpful. It includes dozens of examples in several categories and use cases.


What’s “Datavault”?
Why you point to Regex? You can do a lot of things with dataview without regex knowledge (look at me :slight_smile: ).
@doctorfree gives you a link to an excellent source. But my suggestion is: start with simple, simple things (don’t jump to a complex things). With the simple examples you learn one of the core points: which metadata is considered to dataview and how it’s structured. (this is a very important point to build your notes in a “friendly” way to dataview rules).


This is great. I just downloaded the vault and will have a look. THANK YOU!

This clip is for keeping track of classes using dataview. Easy to understand, fairly recent, and adaptable to many different areas outside of “keeping track of my classes”. How I Setup my Obsidian MD School Vault Using Dataview and Templater (Step By Step Plugin Tutorial) - YouTube (the auto English captions are good if anyone needs them)

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