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I have been using this amazing app for 5 months now, learning a lot of new stuff, being the most outstanding ones:

  • Zettelkasten - The most effective (at least for me) method for organizing my notes and it helped me maintain an almost impeccable order and clarity in my vault, better than all my previous methods.
  • HTML/CSS/LATEX - Thanks to all the time I spent using the program and all the motivation I have for learning to customize the appearance of it I began to study HTML and CSS in order to expand my knowledge in that area.

In time, I start to make little changes on all the themes I used (from the Community) while using the app. Finally, I decided to make the theme that would became my definitive theme for Obsidian.

In order to do it, I spent a few months trying a lot of stuff and searching for the right color scheme that would be appealing for the eye and, at the same time, not exhausting to watch for long periods of time. That’s why I chose it. I know its not the best one, but its the one that I enjoy the most.

Knowing that I was inspired by many “Community Themes” and I used some of their stuff on my .css, I fell the need to show and share my work to the rest of the Community as an act of gratitude for all that it has done for all of us.

I hope you like it as much as I do.


Final Note Part 1 - Thanks to the creators of this amazing program. I feel blessed for using it and I really can’t imagine what would it be for my notes without it. Thank you :smiley:

Final Note Part 2 - Sorry if the text was hard to read, my English is not as good as I would like it ;(


Update <05/08/2021>

I made a lot of fixes on the theme, and implemented de Light Mode:D

Update <06/08/2021>

It’s official, my theme “Golden Coffee” it’s now available on the “Community Themes” tab in Obsidian. (I still can’t believe it /( 0.0)\ ).

I wanted to say thank you to all the people who actively helps people in the css-themes tab on Discord and share all their knowledge there, I learned most of my CSS knowledge from there, as well to the people from the official forum of

So, I hope all the people who use my theme enjoys it as much as I do. (You can also go and see the other themes that are in the “Community Themes”. They are great as well (and most of the people who made them have way more knowledge in css than me, that’s why there are so cool))

Once again thank you for everything and I wish you a beautiful day.

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Love your theme, thanks for sharing! :+1: