Going from Obsidian note to Devonthink3 with a link

Things I have tried

Made a link. Clicking on the link that I made.

What I’m trying to do

I want to make a link that takes me from a Obsidian note into a specific DeveonThink3 file that will be useful for that note.

How to get devonThink linked in as well as other apps on your computer was beautifully answered by Leah Ferguson on the Obsidian community.

In her reply to me she said that I directly use the link supplied by DevonThink3
Below is a photo of the right click copy file path in a popup list. I think this is what she is referring to.

So, I copy the item link.

I think I give the link a name that is meaningful to me. (Flu protocol)

(Flu protocol)[x-devonthink-item://B7872EE7-D353-4104-92C3-95486DF58A85]

This link does not take me back to DevonThink3 as I am expecting it to do. Do I have the wrong expectations?

You’ve made a simple error in the syntax of the link. It should be [square brackets around the title](parenthesis around the link).

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This would be a great place for a red-underline-type feedback in the editor…

Side question: What is the plugin for New> and New from Template>?

That’s a screenshot of DEVONthink, a Mac app.

Thanks for setting me straight. I am not remembering this detail well.

flu protocol

I am thinking it is a clickable link to the note in Devonthink. I click on the link about in Obsidian and nothing happens.

What is supposed to happen?

BTW your plug in @ryanjamurphy is superb. I indexed my DT3 files and I can jump into the same file in DT3. The problem is I rarely want to do that. Usually I want to remind myself in my Obsidian note that I have this and that reference in DT3. That way, I am not wasting Obsidian space putting in bulky PDF files etc. Another thing I want to do it comment on a file in DT3. Then jump into that file if it is something that I want to read about more. What should I be doing?

I’m not sure, sorry. DEVONthink item links work for me. Try pasting the link in the Obsidian help vault and clicking it there?

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