Going back to the previously viewed note

I am new to using this type of application, so please excuse me if I am asking for wrong type of thing.

I have noticed in using Obsidian I continually search for a button to click that will take me back to the note I last viewed. Similar to the “Previous Page” button in an Internet browser.

I know that I can “return” to a note when I click on the title of the note in the File Explorer. However, especially when I am reading through lots of notes, my focus has been on the content and not the title. And I have forgotten the title for content I was reading.

If this feature already exists, could you guide me where I can find it? If this button does not exist, could I request that this be included in future development? In this case, it would be great if there was a “back” and “forward” button and possibly a third programmable button.

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you can use (on Windows) CTRL+ALT+left arrow to get back to previos notes and CTRL+ALT+right arrow to get to forwarding notes.
It’s an easy et fast way to navigate into your history


@Oliver Thanks for pointing that out to me. It never occurred to me that it would be keyboard shortcut. :blush: It does make sense in retrospect. You don’t want too many buttons at the top of the application window. It would take away the nice, clean look. I will go through each of the keyboard shortcuts now and try to remember them. :slight_smile:

You may create a note into Obsidian to keep these shortuts as i do.
Here are the one I already know if it might help you anymore
CTRL+B : mettre en gras
CTRL+I : mettre en italique
Ctrl+R : recharger la page
Ctrl+E : bascule du mode édition au mode rendu final (peut être plus rapide que cliquer sur l’icône)
Ctrl+H : rechercher/remplacer (dans le document seulement, pas dans l’ensemble des fichiers .md)
CTRL+D : supprime le paragraphe entier sur lequel est placé le curseur
CTRL+K : insérer un lien
F11 : plein écran

Ctrl+F : rechercher dans la note (le document courant)
Maj+Ctrl+F : rechercher dans tous les documents

Also try to use CTRL+O to open palette where you’ll be able to find other shortcuts that you even might customize


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Maybe CTRL + P?

In addition to this, on Windows CTRL + ALT + LEFT or RIGHT may flip your screen. If so, please see your graphics driver settings. e.g. https://superuser.com/a/592688


I use a Mac so swipe left and right on the touch bar or Magic mouse always take me back or forth in the browser.
Currently this is my most missed feature when switching from Roam :)) Wish this swipe gesture was possible in Obsidian too.


For those of you on a Mac it’s AppleKey+ALT+Left Arrow (and right)

I am surprised that no one has suggested Better Touch Tool for this. You can set up custom gestures which, I think you can isolate to one application, eg. Obsidian.