Goal management

I’m looking for a plugin or an integration with some API to managing goals, keep track of progress, and related features of goal management to use inside Obsidian. I’m successfully using a homemade task management that I build on top of dataview plugin (task mode), but I’m missing a more general view of weekly and monthly goals. It would be pretty useful to define properties like goal progress, deadlines, and associate tasks with each goal. Appreciate any directions and tips to achieve some of these functionalities. Thanks.

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Have you tried the kanban plugin?

I confess to being something of a kanban nerd, and keep three boards in Obsidian:

1: Current work and backlog with Backlog, Selected, In Progress, and Done columns
2: Medium Term - columns for my goals/plans over the next three months
3: Long Term - columns by quarter for the next 12-18 months and one titled “Sometime”

The neat thing is you can define your own columns and have the same goal on multiple kanban boards.

Hope this helps.



In addition to the Kanban option mentioned, there’s a Todoist integration which is quite flexible and will support what you’re looking to do.