Go to a point in the note with the keyboard


I’m an avid keyboard user. I’d like to avoid touching the mouse as much as possible.

Sometimes I want to find a certain word in the note and put the caret on it, so I could start editing there. What I do in Chrome is hit Ctrl-F, type the text until Chrome finds it and press Esc. Then the caret is on the found text.

I tried the same in Obsidian, and while it does find the text, it doesn’t put the caret there.

Any idea how I can accomplish my goal here? My goal is to jump with the caret to a certain word in the note, without touching the mouse.


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Best way to do this would be to use Vim key bindings with regex

You can enable Vim in the settings under Editor > Advanced > Vim key bindings

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Sure and thank you, but I want a solution to that specific problem, while Vim key bindings are more of a religion. In other words, I worry that the 99.9% of Vim key bindings that will be enabled that aren’t solving my specific problem will be a nuisance.

Well the thing is if you just press “I” for insert, you basically have all the functions that you’d have without using VIM.

I’m far, very very far away from being good with vim. But I figured over time learning some things here and there, I figured that after probably 6 months - a year I’ll be much faster and meanwhile if I don’t know how to do something and don’t feel like looking it up, I just go to the insert mode.

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