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I checked the shortcuts,

I was wondering if there’s a way to add a ctrl-H type to always go to my own home page? Then i can add links there myself to the stuff i’m currently working on.

By “home page,” I’m not sure if you mean a general home note or a plugin of some kind, but either way, you can use this plugin to set hotkeys to open specific notes:

You can combine it with Commander to put a button in the ribbon, a command in the tab bar, etc., to trigger it:

There is also the “Homepage” plugin: GitHub - mirnovov/obsidian-homepage: An Obsidian plugin that opens a specified note, canvas, or workspace on startup, instead of the most recent one. with that exact “Open homepage” command.

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ok thanks, but not quite. I just want to be able to hit say ctrl-H and jump to a file I’ve defined (eg if i called it index.md or home.md) the root file / homepage of my repo.

with the open files with commands I still have to type in the whole filename.
actually i just renamed my root file as 0.md so i can ⌘-P, 0 to get there.

I think the first plugin linked above will do what you want.

right, thats what i have setup and thank you.
but its still not a single cmd. its ⌘-P, 0 as opposed to for example ⌃⌘-H in one stroke, like chrome.

The Homepage plugin will do this for you, as well. Its first setting lets you pick what you want the “Homepage” to be. In my screenshot below, it’s a file named “Home” (technically, Home.md). My screenshot also shows the choices for the different types of “home pages” you can choose.

Homepage provides two Hotkeys settings:

The first is what you’re requesting: the ability to press a key and have it take you to that homepage. The second one lets you instantly change Homepage’s setting of the home page to the file you’re currently active in.

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thanks! it’s a bit fugly installing a whole plugin just for one hotkey. Does that scale!! but i guess it’s the way for now

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