“Go Back” swipe plug-in?

Hello everyone,

I frequently use (1) Backlinks (2) Shortcut URL to run random notes in Obsidian within my main documents. I need a fast way to be able to “Go Back” to my main document after I read the new (backlink or shortcut) note. Is there any plug-in for “Go Back” with swipe or something like that? Currently, I need to go back and open my main document each time after ruining the backlink or shortcut.

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I don’t know any plugins but I have 2 ideas that could work for you:

  1. ctrl + alt + ← hotkey
    This is like
    in chrome. If you have a mouse that has buttons on the side it should also do this (at least for mine but it’s old)
  2. If there’s a lot, you can make a separate pane.

On mobile, a two fingered swipe left or right goes back or forward. Presumably, the same is possible on desktop with a shortcut…