Global Tags and automaticlly tagging

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I would like to use Obsidian as an Article Manager which allows me to see which articles have the same content. I got round about 2.000 old Articles out of the same topic, which I would like to insert in the project. But I will definitely not read all of them again!

Instead everytime I add a new article and I create a tag in this new one it would be great if Obsidian could search all old articles for this words and add a tag too.

E.g. there are 2 old Articels which are playing in place A with the person B. And now I add a new one which content takes place in A with the person B is involved. In this case I would create place A as a tag and person B also. Now Obsidian search all old articles and mark the same places and persons as tags. In this case I would get 2 old articles with place A and person B.

Further more if I add a 2nd new article (copy&paste) Obsidian sets every known tags automaticlly.

Whith this functions it would be nice if I could just create tags and Obsidian then search all Articles for them and set them (=Global Tags). If I know, that in future there will be person C, I could add this tag allready and when the first article with this person appear Obsidian automaticlly sets the name as a tag.

Hope u understand, what I am looking for… If not, I can try to write it again in other words.

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Here’s a less automatic procedure you can do already:

  1. Add all of the articles.
  2. Search each term you want to add a tag for, with the search results collapsed to show only note names. (If you’ll add more articles later, copy the search term into an embedded search; make a folder for all of your embedded searches.)
  3. Add the tag manually to each article in the search results. (If you add more articles later, check the embedded searches you saved to see if any of the new articles appear in them, and if so tag them.)

It’s not fully automated, but it’s a lot faster than rereading everything.

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Thanks for the replay @CawlinTeffid and the workaround. Because there will be more then 1.000 tags in the end, I am not sure, if I want all this search things :smiley: .

But there are more then 200 papers which each got round about 15 articles I think, I am busy till the next weeks/month … maybe there will be this automatic tags after I am finish with this boring work :D.

Is something like that tagging thing planed?

I haven’t heard of anything like that being planned.

Coincidentally I just heard about a related feature request you might want to upvote: Assign tag to multiple files

Thanks for your hint about the feature request assign-tag-to-multiple-files.
I read this topic and found the Youtube Video where Nicole van der Hoeven showed the “search and replace” feature and I think, even it is not automated, this could solve my problem too.

First I add all (urgh :face_with_head_bandage:) articles in my vault. Then, when I read a new one and there is place A, I search all old articles for this place and replaced the place in the text with a tag (or link, not sure, what is better).
Sure, if obsidian would automaticly see the existing links/tags in the new artice it would be awesome, but I need to read the new one anyways, so I could add the tags (or links, not sure, what is better :thinking:) on the fly and would do a search and replace action with all old articles too and would replace the place A in the text with a tag (or link).

But the automated feature would be nice :D.

That means: I need a search and replace tool in obsidian which crawl through all notes in my vault. Not just a search and replace possibility inside a note.