Global Setting to Exclude Templates Folder From Search/Queries

I love Obsidian so much, but the one thing I find endlessly tedious is the fact that entries in template files appear in searches and queries. The need to always include some exclusionary line of code to let Obsidian know it should ignore files in the Templates folder is, as I said, so tedious.

I think it would be AMAZING if, considering the template folder is defined in Obsidian’s settings, there was an toggle option that tells Obsidian to exclude the text in the templates folder files from all search results by default. This would be such a helpful option since I would imagine not many people want the text in their templates to appear in search results/queries.

Or is this already possible through a plugin I don’t know about? If so, please enlighten me!!

You can do it at Settings > Files & Links > Excluded Files.


Aaaah, right, that works for searches, but unfortunately doesn’t work for plugin queries like dataview and Tasks. I wish there was a way for the entire system to ignore those files, but I suppose maybe that’s more of a request for the specific plugins.

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