Global search feature and local search feature misses the highlight when the search result is in the same page

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a page with mutiple calls to BUG2 not linked to anything.
  • Close the page. Open global search or local search and go for BUG2. Click on the first result. Result is highlighted.
    -Click on the second result within the same page. Page is scrolled but search result is not highlighted.

First result click

Second result click

Expected result

  • When moving through results within a page when you click withing the global search tab the page scrolls to the result and highlights the result.

Actual result

  • It does not highlight results within the same page aside the first search


  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20
  • Obsidian version: 0.6.2
  • Using custom CSS: Obsidian-Roam Layout

Additional information

It also struggles to highlight the exact point when the file seems to be too large. It matches the correct line but maybe the previous sentence and not the exact point. Although thislast point is sometimes random


I was just about to log this, so thank you. Search in general seems very buggy. Here is another search related issue:

This bug was fixed in 0.6.6, maybe moving this to the Bug graveyard?
Correct me if I’m wrong @Silver

oh, yes. Sent to graveyard!

I’m still seeing this on 0.6.7

Apologies, it was for a theme that didn’t support the search highlight.