Global graph view is missing internal links

Steps to reproduce

I typed up a couple of very math-heavy notes and connected them through internal links.
I’m usually using the “Extended MathJax” and “Admonition” community plugins, but the error persists after disabling and restarting Obsidian.

Expected result

Have all notes that are linked through an internal link of the form “[[…]]” with each other be connected in the (global) graph.

Actual result

Some of the notes are connected, some aren’t even though they’re linked in various other notes.
When I open one of these “connecting notes” and explicitly follow the internal link to the note that is displayed as unconnected in the graph view, the graph-view adapts and now lists the note as connected.
It still doesn’t find all notes connected to the given note though.


  • Operating system: NixOS 21.05 (Linux)
  • Obsidian version: v0.12.19

Are you sure you don’t have some filers enabled? Do the links work in local graph?
Can you post screen recordins of you graph and settings?

The only filter I have enabled is “Orphans” (at least in the “Filters” Section of the graph view – is there another place for other filters?).
The problem is that it shows orphans that aren’t actually orphans.

The local graph view also doesn’t show these links, except if I explicitly follow an internal link on some note through that “pseudo-orphan” (same thing with the global graph view).

Sure, here is a short screencast.

We don’t provide support for third party plugins and your issue is most likely related to that. Links defined in admonition.

Oh I see, thanks for the help!

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