Global graph doesn't show existing files, but local does

This may be user error or a setting I’m missing. In any given file, if I create links to files that do not exist yet via [[new file]] that shows in the graph. However, when I click the link to create that file, it disappears from the global graph but still shows in the local graph. What am I missing to continue to show it in the global graph? Attachments below; note the “Cast” links/nodes.

Before files exist

After creating each file

EDIT: Forgot to mention, this is a fresh vault. I have no community plugins installed.

This is not a bug. You have filtered your global graph to only show files that contain the words “big hero” - thus your outgoing links actually shouldn’t show up at all. It is rather surprising that they show up when not created yet - I guess this is somehow connected to the fact that they don’t exist on their own yet but only exist in theory within the file “Big Hero 6”.

Remove the filter and they will appear in the global graph as well (as will all your other files - that’s why it is called “global” graph - you can still filter it by tags, for example).

Well, don’t I feel dumb. I guess it was my assumption that if you filter something, it shows you the immediate connections like the local graph does. My fault. Thanks for the reply/answer.

EDIT; This may have been the primary factor of my confusion.

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