Give the center node of the local graph a distinct color

Use case or problem

A practical issue is that with a local graph looks like the following, it is almost not able to figure out where is the center node without scarifying the valid group filters, as mentioned in: Is it possible to give the center node in the local graph a different color?.

I made a test using the Group filter (which does not work):

In the figure above, I’d like to put all of the nodes with the name starting with “test” into a group and give them a red color. However, as you can see, the center node of this local graph, i.e. the node of “test node” is not affected by the Group Filter.

Proposed solution

IMHO, if the center node is neither affected by the filer and nor the group filter, this center node is different from the other nodes. In other words, this center node is actually in a group which contains only the center node. So why not give this group a distinct color, different from the default node color? It can be enabled by a setting or be enabled by using CSS snippet.

Current workaround (optional)

There is currently no workaround, or it will be captured in Is it possible to give the center node in the local graph a different color?

Related feature requests (optional)

There is also a bug report related to this topic: Graph filters don't apply to current note in local graph - #7 by JonathanBuchh

It was moved to bug grave yard. However, I didn’t see any clue why that post is moved to bug graveyard.
Anyway, if the moderator think this issue is a new feature deserving a feature request, here it comes.


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