Gitlab Issues - new plugin

I’m pleased to announce that my Gitlab Issues plugin for Obsidian has just been approved for the official community plugins list, and can now be installed directly from within Obsidian.

The plugin allows you to import issues from Gitlab as Obsidian notes. These notes can then be manipulated just like any other Obsidian notes. I like to use the DataView plugin to list the issues in a table, sorted by due date.

The plugin supports any of the filters available via the Gitlab API.

The cloud-based Gitlab and on-premises Gitlab installations are supported.

You can also configure you own template for the notes to suite your needs.

Find it in the community plugins list, or check it the repository on GitHub - benr77/obsidian-gitlab-issues: Obsidian plugin to create/update/remove notes based on GitLab issues

Any questions, bugs or feedback welcome. Please use the issue tracker on GitHub.


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