Github webhooks for Obsidian Publish

Use case or problem

Github lets users collaboratively maintain vaults like the Hub, without a single person’s available time becoming a blocker. But right now Hub Publish updates are blocked by a single person’s available time, even though multiple people are authorized to merge pull requests. It would be really nice if Publish sites could update from a central repo instead of requiring people to share a Publish-enabled account.

This wouldn’t just benefit the Hub, but help things like corporate internal wikis like the trustedSec vault be able to use Obsidian Publish instead of being “pushed” toward alternatives like a static site generator.

Proposed solution

The Obsidian Hub, as well as other Publish vaults that are collaboriatvely maintained, would benefit from a way to “push” or “pull” updates from a centralized Github repository, the way that Netlify and Digital Ocean work. I think @koala called them webhooks when he and I discussed it.

Current workaround (optional)

Right now the workarounds are to share account credentials or use a static site generator instead of Obsidian Publish, or be stuck waiting for one person to become available to push.