GitHub Pages Links

I’ve trying to host by vault on GitHub Pages so that I can share the contents with others in my group. However, I’m finding that GitHub and Obsidian don’t exactly agree on the format for internal links.

I’ve turned off WikiLinks and I’ve tried all three link formats provided (Absolute, Relative and Shortest). Of those, Absolute and Relative seem to come closest, but still aren’t quite right.

What GitHub Pages seems to expect is an internal link in the format of:

Obsidian Absolute produces:
[name](folder/note) <== lacks the leading slash

Obsidian Relative produces:
[name](../folder/note) <== Adds in the '..' which confuses GitHub

Shortest completely omits the folder info, producing:

Is there a configuration setting I’m missing to get these links to auto-generate in the correct format?

I’m not hosting on GH Pages, so no experience there, sorry.

From what I see here, there are too many unknowns and maybe you’d be better off leaving it…?
This solution works perfectly with Wikilinks. Images also need Wikilinks. Everything is automatic. (I prefer Vercel over Netlify, BTW).

You can export to html and link to some entry page from the repo Readme. That’s what I do for R notebooks on Pages too. But I’m following this question hoping for an answer though because I’d rather not have to do the export.

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