GitHub/GitLab compatible math syntax with backticks

Use case or problem

I currently use Obsidian to take notes on a project in physics. I sync my vault to GitHub, since GitHub also displays markdown on the website. This way I can easily share my notes with others, and they don’t need Obsidian, they can just look at it on GitHub. This project is very much based around math, and I need to use both the inline-math $...$ and math block $$...$$ syntax a lot. Unfortunately, a lot of Markdown viewers such as the ones in GitHub and GitLab have problems when math expressions include something that is actually also Markdown syntax. (see this Issue and this announcement) The way, many have solved this, is by using a different syntax for math blocks. They incorporate backticks and the recommended syntax for inline-math is $`...`$ and the recommended syntax for math-blocks is ```math ... ```. However, Obsidian does not understand this syntax, so I currently I have to live with math not being rendered properly either on GitHub or in Obsidian.

Proposed solution

Would it be possible to extend the Obsidian math syntax to also accept inline math as $`...`$ and math-blocks as ```math ... ```? I don’t know how to write Obsidian plugins, so maybe this is also a feature that would be better implemented as a plugin. But I think adding this as possible syntax would not alter any existing notes, and thus it might be added as a main feature. It could also be added in the settings to turn this on or off.