Git plugin does not push automatically

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What I’m trying to do

I want Obsidian git plugin to not only auto commit but also auto push.

Things I have tried

I have set 1 minute as Vault backup interval but it only commits changes. It does not push them:

Are there any error messages?
Is your configuration properly set for HTTPS protocol?
See also online documentation at the developer’s GitHub site.

I did not find error messages. Where should I look for error messages?
Configuration properly set for HTTPS? I do not know how to do this.
I only know I can push manually on the command window (cmd) on windows.

Auto backup after latest commit? Tried turning it on?

Auto backup is what you’re looking for. Also recommend raising the interval to 5 min+ to reduce lag.

Enabling “Auto Backup after stop editing the file” did not work either:

It just commits. It does not push.

If Auto Backup is on and doesn’t push, then it’s an internet connection issue or it’s an authentification issue, in which case normally an error message pops up in the upper right corner.
Auth issue can be due to personal auth token (expired or changed) or possibly a latest git bash action which modified the config file (but don’t know how).

As I said, for git in Obsidian to work, in the config file in .git folder the protocol must be https.
If you are mainly using git on Windows, install GitHub Desktop and forget about a plugin that causes more headaches.
If you need it for mobile as well, you need to sort it out, of course. Or buy Working Copy app if you have iOS. Or learn more git and do it free in other ways.

Enabling “Split automatic commit and push” does push the commits. I guess the reason why it does not push without enablilng this must be a plugin failure:

Stopped using the plugin months ago. I like to see in GH Desktop what files were changed before commit + push anyway.
Never used to split commit push myself, either.
My suggestion still stands.

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